General Supplies

To meet their changing needs, our general supplies division offer our customers exemplary and world-class products and services, cost-effective, personalized and innovative business solutions.

Office Machines Equipment

Office Machinery & Consumables

We recognize that the requirements of everyone is unique, and we offer a variety of items to suit all requirements.

Ensure your office or workplace is properly kitted out with affordable office equipment. From everyday essentials like printers and ink to the latest tablets and labelling machines, you can be confident in the suitability and quality of our range, featuring some of leading brands like Apple, HP, Olympus and Rexel.

General Office & Home Stationery

SenBa Solutions is your single source for all the supply needs of your office including pens, pencils, staplers, fil folders, paper clips, calendars, staples and more.

We understand that everyone’s requirement is different so we provide a diverse range of products to fit all requirements. From general stationery items such as paper and pens, through to cleaning equipment and catering supplies; ensuring that you’re prepared for every eventuality.

general supplies
Hardware n Software Equipment

ICT Hardware & Software

In ICT equipment, the pace of technological advancement is strong, and the need to upgrade to the latest models generates higher turnover compared to other equipment.

Through our network of industry vendors and strategic partnerships, SenBa Solutions is able to Supply, Deliver, Configure and Implement various Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment comprising hardware, software, and other ICT related supplies and peripherals.

Hardware Materials for Building & Construction

We trade in both home and industrial materials spanning from home building materials to industrial construction materials.

SenBa Solutions handles a broad range of hardware building materials and construction equipment and machinery consistent with the requirements of customers regarding cost, quality, and functionality.

Building materials

Why Choose SenBa Solutions?

All aspects of our company have been designed to fulfill the diverse requirements of our many clients. The scope of services we provide is routinely redefined by the needs and wants of our clientele.

Personal Service

Our dedicated staff meet in person with customers, go on-site, discuss and provide expert support at each stage of the project. Best of all, we provide our customers with all this at no additional cost.

Authorized Dealer

SenBa Solutions is an authorized contract dealer for a wide range of manufacturers' services and products. We deliver reliability, variety and competitive pricing regardless of need or budget.


Many of the manufacturers we represent carry product that contains or was produced to meet the needs of our changing environment.

Design Services

Our team of professionals take pride in personal service and attention to detail from the initial purchasing, scheduling to deployment. Because we are a single source of goods and services of value.